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About JAe-Glow

The Inspiration for JaeGlow skin lightening line was created from decades of working with women and men as an esthetician in effort to maintain optimal health, prevent discoloration, and ultimately to improve the condition of our skin. JaeGlow is made for all skin types, all ethnic background and all gender. JaeGlow products are both effective and gentle because they are formulated with hydrators and vitamins that allows a recipe for healthy skin. JaeGlow belives in keeping the products simple and clean allowing the active ingredients to correct any pigmentation.

  • Hydrates the Skin
  • Corrects Pigmentation
  • Made with Vitamins
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
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Ready For Glowing, Even Skin!

Jae Glow for Natural Flawless skin

Got a question?

Q:Is this cream all natural?

A: The Cream does have 2% Hydroquinone, but also has vitamins.

Q: How do I apply the cream? 

A: The cream is to be rubbed into the skin until absorbed.

We got an Answer.

Q:What do I do if I become sensitive from the cream?

A: Stop using the cream for a couple of days and if you wish you can continue usage. 

Q: Can I use this cream if I have sensitive skin?

A: I would test the cream on your neck first and if you feel fine than you can use it on your face.